Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas Day

It reached 40 degrees here yesterday for Christmas Day! It was sooooo hot!!! 
Hubby and I didn't really get up to much, we had seen my parents last Thursday for a catch up lunch at a beach café near us. We swapped presents and decided to leave them to open Xmas day.

Hubby and I went for a swim mid morning, or think it was near lunchtime. It was so nice to cool down having a dip in the water. It was cold at first but we soon warmed up. It was nice seeing a lot of people had the same idea, as the beach was busy, not packed of people but quite a few families there.
I am assuming that the later in the day it got the more people headed to the beach for a swim. 

After and hour or so we headed home and had some delicious salmon and salad for lunch! We didn't have a roast lunch this year, it's just too hot to be cooking away in the kitchen... well for hubby as he's pretty much the cook in our house. For dessert we had some mango fruit with coconut soy ice cream which was Delicious!!!! You could say we had a pretty healthy lunch considering it's Christmas. We did eat some chocolates a while after though, got to treat ourselves :)
It was so nice to spend Christmas together just the two of us. Hubby's work schedule has been so busy, well the whole year has been busy, so it was nice to just have a few days together to relax and just not do much at all.
It's boxing day as I write this, so he's working today, but he has tomorrow off so that's nice another day together, before we both get back to work.
I can't believe that 2017 is literally around the corner! 2016 has been a bit tough on both hubby and I, more so the second half of this year, life tends to throw things at you, when you least expect it.
I'm hoping 2017 is going to be a great year for us :)

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