Monday, 26 December 2016

Love Photography

I was very lucky to get a new lens for my camera for Christmas. My husband was very naughty, because we don't normally get each other anything for Christmas. He decided to surprise me with a new lens for my camera and a new guess bag which he hid the lens in wrapped up. He really is just the best!!!

So I had a little play with my new lens and took a few photos on Christmas day while we were relaxing for the day. Most of the photos that were taken were of the cats! I will put a couple here so you can see. I'm still practising with the new lens and the camera itself as I've not had the camera for too long really.

So first photo is Coco, our female cat, she is 2 years old. And then the second photo is Tux our male cat who is also 2 years old.

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