Friday, 24 February 2017

Loving Lush

I have totally become a lush addict!! I have a good friend to thank for this!! You know who you are!! Thankyou!!!

Because I have sensitive skin (eczema), I was a bit hesitant to try lush products, but after my friend gave me a bath bomb to try.... I became hooked! We did a lush order together and I got a few bath bombs to try.

I won't put them all in this post but I will show one of the ones I got in my order. And then as I try the others I will share them with you also. 

So click on the continue reading to see which one of the bath bombs of my order I tried first!!

The one I'm going to share with you is Avobath - bath bomb.

 I read on the Lush website that this is a popular one for dry skin sufferers so I was really excited to use it!

 Avo was such a nice bath bomb to try. I used it in the evening after a busy day , and it made my skin feel so hydrated.

It contains Avocado which  goes with the name and colour of the bath bomb, and it  also contains olive oil, these both help tackle dry skin and moisturise  which is why my skin felt so hydrated afterwards. Some other ingredients that are included are:  Lemongrass which is uplifting and an antiseptic. Bergamot oils that are cleansing too.

It was so nice to have a soak in the Avobath bomb and it was so good to feel my skin getting hydrated especially as I have eczema break outs with my skin. I definitely would recommend this bath bomb to people who have dry skin, and I will definitely purchase this again.

You can purchase this here on the Lush website : AVO BATH BOMB

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  1. Eep, I would apologise for getting you hooked but it's for the best! We'll do another order soon!

    1. oh my goodness definitely for the best!! Lets do an order when we can :)


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