Sunday, 12 February 2017

New Lens

Sorry for the lack of posts. Work has been rather busy since just before Christmas, til basically these last few weeks.  So now I have the time to concentrate on my blog and get it all sorted to how I want it. I still have a few more Pages along the top that I want to add, like different categories. So that is what I will be working on and they will show up when I post more content. To be honest I don't want to post just anything, I want the post to be something worth reading or looking at if that makes sense.

So as I may have explained in a previous post, hubby bought me a new lens for my camera for Christmas which was REALLY naughty of him, but I love him for getting it for me!! We had both decided not to get each other anything for Christmas... instead we treated ourselves to a Gold Class movie. We saw the new Star Wars Movie Rogue One, and it was so good especially sitting in relaxing reclining seats, and having food and beverages brought to us by the staff. We have actually said that we will do that at least once a year, around Christmas time for a treat.

Now Back to my new lens......
My camera that I got last year is so good, I'm really happy with it, and I have been exploring it more recently. You can change lens's which is one of the best things about it.  The lens it came with is pretty good and it's good for just general shots, and for like scenery for example. For close ups now that's a different story.. I knew that to get that good close up I had to get a macro lens. The one hubby got me is just perfect for what I need. It's the M. ZUIKO PREMIUM DIGITAL  ED 60MM F2.8 Macro. That's a mouthful!!!
Anyway I have been playing around with the new lens taking different shots, and also just learning about it. I find photography really relaxing and rewarding, even if it takes a whole load of shots to get that perfect one...
So I hope to share some of my photos here with anyone who wants to see them. My camera has  got pretty good video too so maybe I'll take some video also.
If you like photography... what things do you like to capture?

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