Saturday, 18 March 2017

My Birthday!

My birthday was back on the 1st of March and I turned 40. I wanted to share with you how we celebrated my birthday and some of the things I got.

First of all my wonderful husband surprised me with a night away at the Stamford Grand Hotel at Glenelg, which isn't too far from where we live. I have wanted to stay there for quite a while, and especially have a beach view! And that's exactly what he surprised me with, a room with a balcony and beach view.
Our room was so lovely and It was so relaxing to just look out to the ocean and also watch the people go by, even though we were on the 11th floor, quite high up!
I will have to put a photo up of the view during the day and also a sunset shot too. It was absolutely beautiful!

I could easily live in this hotel. Even if it's just for the view from the balcony! How amazing is that sunset!!
During the day we just relaxed, and went for a swim in the hotel pool. I didn't get a photo of the pool as I didn't want to leave my camera on the table where our towels were while we were swimming.

We had a few drinks at a bar close to where we were having dinner, which was nice and we had a few laughs and took some selfies ha ha.

We then had dinner at Sammy's on the Marina, which I can't even explain how delicious their deluxe seafood platter was.. I hope one day we can have that again, because it was AMAZING!!! I never wanted it to end!! To go with the platter we had a delicious bottle of Rosé wine that hubby chose.

So the platter if I can remember had a whole Lobster, whole crab. prawns, scallop's, whiting, squid, oysters, some garlic prawns with some rice. There was a side Greek salad and a side of fries too.
How delicious does all of that look!!!!
There were a few things on that platter that I hadn't really tried before, those were lobster, and raw oysters. I loved every single thing on that platter! Yes even the two oysters that I ate!
After we finished, we were too full for dessert unfortunately.
The lovely waitress that looked after us, she knew it was my 40th birthday as I said we were going all out to celebrate with spoiling ourselves.. she organised a little happy birthday from Sammy's, she could see we were getting up to pay and then leave, but she ushered hubby and I to sit back down and she came out with such a cute surprise, I'll include that photo here.

How cute is that surprise!

I have to say it was just the perfect day ever, and exactly how I wanted to celebrate turning 40! Total relaxation being by the beach and spending some time with my husband.
So I want to thank my wonderful husband for surprising me with this perfect day/evening  and staying in such a lovely hotel. xx
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