Sunday, 19 March 2017

What I got for my Birthday

I thought I'd do a quick post on what I got for my birthday! 

As I mentioned in my last post my wonderful husband surprised me with a night at the Stamford Grand hotel at Glenelg for my 40th birthday. We had such a good time and the hotel was lovely.  It was definitely what we both needed, just to relax and enjoy being by the beach. We had dinner at Sammy's on the Marina too which was delicious.
I have to say he wrote the most sweetest thing ever in my birthday card from him too which was so lovely x

My mum and dad gave me some money for my birthday and I'm going to insert a photo here of what I bought with it.

Because I've got a camera where you can change the lens on it, I needed a bit of a bigger camera bag to be able to put not only the camera, charger, but also the lens in too.

Everything fits perfect! It's exactly what I needed!

The girls at work got me a couple of things too which was really nice of them.

I got a delicious bottle of wine, which I shared with hubby that night, which was a Friday night.
And I'm so excited that I got a Endota Spa voucher! So I can put that towards a massage! So excited. I haven't had a massage in years.  And the Gerbera flowers were from one of the girls and her son, which is really cute.
And they all wrote some lovely words in my card too.

I got an extra present from one of the girls from work who is also my good friend who loves lush :D  and she got me a bath bomb which I've had this one before and I really loved it. It's the "Frozen" bath bomb and it smells so good.

So there we have it. That's what I got for my birthday!!

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  1. nice post Jules, the blog looks fantastic! Keen to chat to you tomorrow about it.

    1. Thankyou Sam!!! Looking forward to catching up tomorrow :)


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