Sunday, 30 April 2017

Nail Polish Love

I think I have finally found my absolute favourite nail polish!  I'm talking about the formula, not just the colours it comes in!

Sally Hansen Color Therapy With Argon Oil!
I picked up a couple of  colours when the range came out... I have to say i am very impressed with everything about it.
I love the way it goes onto my nails, the brush, and that it seems to last longer than other brands I've tried! I've almost had the current one on my nails for almost a week and it's not even chipped or budged.
Honestly I have been very rough with my nails this past week too.

So the colour I have on at the moment is this gorgeous pale pink which is called

Rosy Quartz

I love this colour because its such a clean, fresh look and it looks so pretty.

Here is how it looks on my nails. Isn't it just a gorgeous pale shade!

This range I have to say feels so good on my nails. My nails actually feel and look healthy and strong. I feel it's due to the Oils, such as Argon, Acai, and Primrose , that are in the formula that gives intense nourishment and moisture to my nails.
I usually use a base coat before I apply colours, but with this formula I don't think you need to, and it's advised not to, so the oils in the polish have a chance to get to the bare nail.
After about 2-3 coats it's best to apply the top coat to give further protection. I really like the top coat, it didn't take too long to dry, same as the colour.
I have to give a tip when applying the colour and top coat... something I have learnt with applying nail polish, take your time! If you take your time and take care when putting on each coat, letting it dry between coats, your polish will last longer! Don't rush!!

I also purchased the cuticle oil too that is so nourishing and smells so nice!

 I went and got more colours to add to my collection. So now I have:

Rosy Quartz 

Powder Room

Aura'nt You Relaxed
Blushed Petal

You can see these colours or all 14 shades by clicking HERE!!!

I purchased the colours I have plus the top coat and cuticle oil from Priceline here in Australia. Click HERE!!! to see the range and price at Priceline!
I definitely recommend this product and I definitely want to get more shades. I also hope they come out with some more colours in the future!

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